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12 Ways to Show Confident Body Language on a Date

Dating in the modern world can be a thrilling yet nerve-wracking experience. Have you got a date lined up via our personal matchmaking service? If so, remember that making a great first impression is the best way to get off on the right foot. A significant part of that impression is your body language. It…

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The Reality and Lessons Behind First-date Disappointment

First dates are like stepping into the unknown —a world filled with anticipation, excitement, and a dash of anxiety. The prospect of meeting someone new and potentially finding a connection can be exhilarating. However, sometimes, reality doesn’t always live up to our expectations. Rejection happens to all of us, and the good news is that…


5 easy ways to flirt

Though daunting for many, flirting is a key element of the dating scene. It allows you to express your romantic attraction towards a potential love match.


Tips for starting over in the dating world

Whether you are emerging from a long-term relationship or deciding to leave your singledom behind you and make a debut into the dating world, it can be tricky to navigate the dating landscape in search of meaningful companionship or a life partner.