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Our frequently asked questions answered by The Bond Girls

We match from mid 20s to mid 70s.

While Apps like Tinder or Hinge have their place, dating apps do not screen for those looking for committed relationships. The process of swiping to find Mr. or Mrs Right is very time consuming and can leave you feeling disheartened. We believe in quality over quantity and put in the work to find a well-suited partner with whom you can forge a special and intimate connection.

Because we put our heart and soul into finding love for our clients, we enjoy a 100% success rate. Our veteran matchmakers work hard to introduce you to the best possible match, and will not make a match of convenience or economy. Your success is our success.

Our membership includes equal numbers of single men to single women..

We do plan to expand into this specialised area, but until we know that we can provide the same level of quality matches all of our clients deserve for members of the LGBTIQA+ community, we are currently referring enquires to a specialist matchmaking firm.

Our members include artists to accountants, film stars to hedge fund managers, CEOs to small business owners. We believe in dating in your league, and that there is a match out there for everyone.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines matchmaking (n) as, “the activity of arranging marriages or romantic relationships between people.” Matchmaking has been around since Biblical times, where the matchmaker prioritised being nice to camels as a desirable trait in a potential partner! Matchmaking has come a long way, and although the experts at Bond would still agree that we should be nice to camels, our main focus is to bring fun into the modern age of dating. We support our clients in their search for love by first understanding what they are looking for in a partner, and then finding that special someone. A personalised matchmaker will help you navigate the potential pitfalls of dating in the modern world by screening introductions for compatibility, shared values, goals and lifestyle.

No. Bond is a members only agency that only matches from within its membership. All members sign a contract which stipulates terms and conditions of membership. Privacy and exclusivity are cornerstones of our brand ethos.

Do you find that you meet someone and think you have great banter and chemistry, but cannot take the next step to secure a date? Are you time poor but want to get the most out of life? Do you stall after one or two dates? Do you have difficulty establishing a criteria list and finding someone who ticks all of your boxes? Professional matchmakers and introduction services take the guesswork out of your search for companionship. We do the small chat for you to ensure that your introductions are like-minded individuals who are looking for lasting love and companionship. No more awkward waiting for the phone to ring.

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