5 easy ways to flirt


Though daunting for many, flirting is a key element of the dating scene. It allows you to express your romantic attraction towards a potential love match. But gone are the days of cheesy chat-up lines, in contemporary life, flirting is a more nuanced and sophisticated art. Thankfully, if you have not mastered this skill, we have a few pieces of advice that will ensure you become a proficient talent, which will undoubtedly pique the interest and allow you to capture the heart of your soulmate.

Engage in eye contact

There is a very good reason why people talk about eyes meeting across a crowded room. Locking eyes with the person you find attractive can be a very good way to command their attention. It can also provide you with an opportunity to actually meet them, as you cross the room, they will be in no doubt as to your intention of engaging them in conversation. Alternatively, if at a social event, you walk past someone to whom you are attracted, why not stop and simply smile and say hello before continuing to your intended stop. This will make them feel seen and singled out. It may also be an easy way to pre-introduce yourself so that later during the event, you may find it easier to strike up a conversation with them.

Be an active listener

When engaging in conversation, carefully listen to what your companion is saying. Express interest by asking questions to continue the conversation effortlessly. Make sure the questions are simple but will provide informative answers. For example, if you are talking about where someone lives, ask them what their favourite restaurant is and this may well lead the conversation towards their favourite cuisine. When done well, these conversations can give you the opportunity to find out their hobbies and interests, their values, as well as their lifestyle (including that all important work-life balance), which can determine how compatible you would be.

A gentle touch is fine

When you are speaking to someone of interest, keep your body language open and relaxed. If you feel the conversation with your companion is progressing well, be a little more intimate by leaning in when you talk or touch their arm or shoulder gently – but be mindful of their space and take a step back if they show any discomfort.  If they seem uncomfortable by your close proximity, it is likely that they do not find you attractive. If this happens, take the hint and move on.

Make a sincere compliment

Who doesn’t love to be complimented? If you are actively listening to them, you could comment on the passion they have for their job or hobby. This will easily lead to a longer conversation as they will feel in good spirits and be more willing to spend longer with you. The key to flirting is to be confident but not arrogant. There is nothing more attractive than someone who is comfortable with who they are. But remember if you really want to find your soulmate, then you must be yourself.